Asia’s Preferred Maritime Legal and Arbitration Centre

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Hong Kong is a leading centre for shipping and commercial contract formation and arbitration. The Baltic & International Maritime Council (BIMCO), which represents the owners of about 60% of the world’s merchant fleet, announced its adoption of the BIMCO Law & Arbitration Clause 2020 to include Hong Kong as one of the four designated arbitration venue, alongside London, New York and Singapore.

Hong Kong also became the first offshore jurisdiction where parties to arbitral proceedings seated in Hong Kong and administered by designated arbitral institutions can apply to the Mainland courts for interim measure (including property preservation, evidence preservation and conduct preservation) before the arbitral award is made, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Hong Kong in resolving Mainland-related business disputes.

With a view to further reinforcing Hong Kong’s position as Asia’s preferred maritime arbitration centre, the Hong Kong Maritime Arbitration Group has been registered as a separate body independent from Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. Through a dedicated institutional set-up, the Group may help better promote maritime arbitration of Hong Kong to the international maritime community.